Payment is made yearly.  There are thirty-eight private lessons.  Payment is due the first week of January. Tuition may be send electronically via direct deposit, paid by visa/mastercard/paypal or broken down into 12 post dated checks/payments.  

Missed Lessons

Because of her  busy teaching and performing schedule, lessons will not be made up by Angela if missed unless prearranged at the beginning of the year  This includes lessons missed due to illness  It is also necessary to call in advance and let her know you will be missing a lesson so she can utilize her time wisely.  If Angela has to cancel a lesson, it will be made up.


All students are expected to practice.  Parents will take notes and students and parents are expected to follow instructions given by teacher concerning practicing.  The amount of time necessary to progress in playing will vary by age and ability.  All children are capable of succeeding on the violin with practice!  If a student is not prepared for a lesson then the teacher has the right to end the lesson early and no refund or make-up lesson will be given.

Lesson Promptness

For your child to make the most of their lesson, it is important for them to be five minutes early before the scheduled lesson time.  That allows us to start promptly.  If the student is more than 15 minutes late, that is considered a missed lesson.

Robertson String Studio